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Anna Roberts
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PostSubject: Anna Roberts   Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:38 pm

Full Name:
Anna Jane Roberts

33 (born 13/09/1977)

Place of Birth/Nationality:
Richmond, Surrey/British

Anna has a subtle beauty which is hidden underneath a mask of order and professionalism.

Dark waves of thick, wavy hair fall down her back, having let it grown over the past year, it now hangs at the bra line across her back. It is usually clipped back or pulled into a ponytail while she’s working. The darkness of her hair highlights the paleness of her fair skin which has only been saved from freckles by her long working hours away from the sun. Despite this, a trail of light freckles is always present across her cheekbones and nose, coupled with her incredibly green eyes reveal her Celtic ancestry on her mother’s side.

Standing at 5’5, Anna has a slim figure maintained by a mixture of regular fitness training she completes only as a requirement for missions and being too busy to eat. Thus she wears expensive pencil skirts which cling to her well defined thighs and shaped shirts to show off this figure she works for, one of few indulgences in femininity she takes. She usually remains in these clothes and so doesn’t have much of an off duty wardrobe for those times are few and far between.

A perfectionist to the point of obsessive compulsive, a deep fear of failure keeps Anna pushing herself to the limits. Although this trait has brought her global fame in several medical fields at such a young age, she is prone to burn outs in which she blows off all the built up tension. During the five years between URCS’s disband and subsequent reunion, Anna worked as a Home Office pathologist during which she worked herself into a meltdown, an occurrence which she doesn’t talk about for she is embarrassed that she cannot be perfect.

Having grown up without parental role models except for teachers, Anna is emotionally awkward and learnt from an early age it’s easier to sink into work than deal with the emotions she knew so little about. Introverted by nature, Anna never felt she was missing out of something.

There is no question of her loyalties and picks her friends very carefully and once in her confidence, people rarely leave.

Anna was born into privilege in Richmond to Jane and Peter Roberts, through both she can trace her lineage to nobility and rumoured monarchy. At the time of Anna’s birth her father was an investment banker in the City while her mother was about to begin her PhD at Imperial College London.

Her very early years were happy and secure but that wasn’t to last for long. A month after Anna’s fifth birthday, disaster struck when both Jane and Peter were killed instantly when their MG was crushed in a collision with a lorry. The circumstances were never fully explained, the car was in full working order and Peter, who was driving, had no intent on killing himself and his wife. The complicated issues surrounding their deaths weren’t explained to Anna until she was 15 and still remained unexplained.

Jane’s parents had immigrated abroad and so custody of Anna went naturally to the only living relative still in the UK, her paternal grandmother who lived on the family estates in Sussex. Lady Charlotte Roberts, a title which Anna refused to take on, was completely lacking in any maternal instincts, in fact Peter was only born to keep the bloodline going. By the time her little granddaughter was given into her care, Charlotte was an ageing, drunken socialite who grieved the loss of her youth every day and had no time for Anna. Therefore the girl would spend the next twelve years of her life in various boarding schools, a social tool for Charlotte who enjoyed getting the Roberts name into the very best institutions.

The young girl was naturally introverted and despite the fact that she got on well with the other children, she simply didn’t need them. Although her childhood could be seen as lonely from an outsider’s point of view, Anna was happy in the company of books and ideas.

Anna’s years at secondary school were less pleasant. The all girls’ school in the heart of London catered for the daughters of MPs, minor royals and celebrities whose daughters were for the most part spoilt rotten. They teased her for working so hard and it was here that Anna learnt a fierce self reliance and personal identity.

She left the school at 17 having earned 6 A grade A-levels in Physics, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and French. That summer was the last she was to spend at the Sussex estate for she hated her grandmother with a passion. She went on to study medicine at Oxford while completing an undergraduate degree in physics. The atmosphere of the university was one in which she thrived upon for she was finally with her intellectual peers. Having found a social group she was comfortable in, they were close until graduation.

Why Anna chose medicine is one she has questioned herself many times. Was it the sudden death of her parents? Was it she was naturally good at science? Did she want to help people? Despite the fact that Anna prided herself on being independent, she enjoyed being needed by others, she took little joy in doing things for herself and found helping others gave her personal gratification.

After graduating with honours, Anna lived comfortably in London which had become the nearest thing to a hometown she’d ever had. Having inherited money from her parents when she reached 18, money was rarely an issue. For the first few years she worked at St. Thomas’ hospital for she believed in the NHS and wanted to specialise in emergency medicine. This dream fell away quickly, gruelling hours and heartbreaking cases made Anna rethink and after emergency medicine, her other interest had always been pathology and so went back to university to train.

Forensic pathology suited her, bodies of the deceased were puzzles for her inquiring mind to solve. Many times friends asked her why she chose to cut up the dead all day and she would always answer ‘because of the living’ to either protect them by helping to catch a monstrous killer or to bring closure to a grieving family.

Anna worked with the London coroner until asked to come onboard a secret project named URCS to work as a field medic and to study the supernatural creatures which they caught. It was a dream come true. She was independent and free not tied down by a relationship or a child and so didn’t hesitate in moving to Southern Wales.

URCS disbanded and Anna returned to London to work once again as a pathologist. She worked long, hard hours and although her colleagues tried to warn her of herself destructive ways, it wasn’t until a meltdown two years into her appointment as deputy chief that she realised what she was doing to herself. She took time out, travelled a lot and saw a psychiatrist and learnt to take care of herself. Despite this, personal relationships came and went without leaving much of a mark as she stormed through her career.

When news of URCS’s reunion came, she didn’t hesitate in rejoining her colleagues, moving across the country to Wales not knowing how much her life would change. She fell into a routine of work which suited her, but loneliness in a base full of military slowly got to her. So when a simple house call to Alex Andersson’s room heated up with alcohol as an accelerant, she didn’t hesitate in making love to a man she was physically attracted to but whose self destructive personality irritated and annoyed her like no one could.

A brief affair resulted in pregnancy which was discovered after Andersson had left the base. Deciding to keep the child for she couldn’t bring herself to end a life that she had created. The father would return in a disastrous invasion of the base and so Anna used the only leverage they had, the child which stopped him in his tracks. Next would follow a dangerous communications with him.

After arranging a between him and Smith, Andersson became a resident of the base once more. Their daughter was born shortly after, Grace Roberts-Andersson after accidently infecting herself with Alex’s risky, experimental cure thus passing down vampire characteristics to Grace, namely rapid ageing to adolescence and then a slowing down.

Skills: Pathology is her speciality. An advanced medic trained in severe trauma cases in the infirmary and out on the field.

Desired Position/Department: Chief Medical Officer 
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Anna Roberts
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