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Grace Roberts-Andersson


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PostSubject: Grace Roberts-Andersson   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:03 am

Full Name:
Grace Jane Roberts-Andersson

2 and a half, appears to be around sixteen

Place of Birth/Nationality:
Born on the URCS base however her official records say she was born in a hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Has dual British/American nationality.

Grace has unruly dark hair, which has never been above her shoulders, and falls in soft waves and usually swept back away from her face. Cerulean blue eyes are the carbon copy of her father's down to the uncanny ability to dissect her victims, usually unwillingly, leaving them thoroughly unnerved.

Standing at 5’6, she has a willowy and athletic figure for she enjoys escaping the base and blowing off steam running and hiking across the lush surrounding countryside of the Brecons.

Usually the teenager can be found in casual clothing, mostly black jeans and t-shirts with boots to match, a testament to her hero worshipping of Alex.

Grace is undoubtedly a product of her URCS upbringing. Her parents decided that if she was going to have a shortened childhood in which she’d have to stay on the base, they were going to make it as exciting as possible and thus exposed her to the wondrous aspects of their work while trying to hide the deadlier things.

This incited an insatiable curiosity. Her brain is like a sponge and so to keep up with her accelerated growth, it picks up everything which thus created an impressive intellect. As Grace could only have security cleared tutors who were privy to Britain’s best kept secret, she was often given lessons by some of the leading experts when they came to visit and therefore has had an education only others could dream about.

Alex’s main contribution to Grace is imposing self belief in herself, making sure that during these turbulent years she felt secure and loved. Thus the girl oozes in self confidence, making her incredibly stubborn and headstrong.

However, due to her lack of social interaction, she will often walk into awkward social situations. Due to her self belief, she rarely accepts that she could be wrong when an obvious mistake is made to others because she does not understand the error herself.

Grace is the product of the unlikely union between Alex Andersson, an American URCS rogue and self confessed alcoholic bastard and the base’s English, middle class Chief Medical Officer, Anna Roberts. From conception, Grace was never going to have an ordinary life, this could be deduced from her parentage alone however it was the circumstances of her birth which would forever stand her apart from the rest of humanity.

During last month of her pregnancy, Anna had been working on her most ambitious project yet. Alex had returned to the base infected with an incurable disease which was rapidly deteriorating his body which led the doctor into experimenting with extremely dangerous concoctions she never thought possible. She found the answer by exploiting the regenerative powers of vampire and zombie genetics. On her first attempt at mixing together two samples was explosive for they furiously repelled each other, although this only resulted in a cracked Petri dish, the results were devastating.

While cleaning up the mess, Anna realised that parts had congealed into a thick, black substance which caught her attention. A simple accident was enough to throw her entire body into panic stations. She had cut the tip of her forefinger with a broken piece of glass thus infecting herself with this new, unknown substance and within seconds she and the baby were defenceless against the onslaught of the internal, chemical attack.

Grace was delivered twenty minutes later by emergency caesarean but the damage had already been done. The newborn had taken the brunt of the infection due to an inbuilt property of the particular vampire clan from which the blood sample had come from. Native to Albania, the Mëshirë clan are a very rare variety in that they carry young as well as siring new blood. Their pregnancies last a matter of days and the prepubescent years are accelerated into adulthood within weeks for a child, in their opinion, is no good to anyone. Once fully grown, growth is halted and thus the vampire becomes eternal.

The vampire part of the substance had realised that Anna was fully grown and so concentrated its efforts on the child she carried. Within the twenty minutes from initial infection until birth and subsequent antiviral medication, it had grafted itself onto Grace’s genetic profile, giving her similar, but watered down traits.

Anna’s recovery was extraordinarily quick as the last of the infection worked to heal the stresses and strains of pregnancy. It wasn’t until Grace was eight weeks old that her parents realised something wasn’t quite right with their daughter and soon it became clear that she was growing much faster than was normal.

Months went by and the pair fell into a routine of Alex would care for Grace while Anna spent hours moving her speciality from pathology to genetics. Her protégé, Dr Williams, managed to graft over the infected parts of her DNA however it was only a stop gap measure for the vampire/zombie mix didn’t take long to reinstate its dominance, sailing her toward adulthood before her time.

Grace grew up with things which go bump in the night, creatures of horror movies which is probably why she isn’t afraid of them. She followed her mother during rounds in the Lock Up and Ground Level pens and would get to know the inmates intimately.

The traits from her father burn through and strong also, with a good keen eye for shooting with pistols and smaller weaponry. Coupled with her knowledge of medicine from her mother, she has gained a reputation of being a fantastic field medic with the mix of skills. She has been recommended for a field position but due to her official young age, Andersson and Roberts have pushed away such requests on her behalf.

Nowadays Grace's accelerated growth has for the most part ended for she has almost reached maturity, if the clan's traits are any indication, she'll age more slowly from now on. The current theory is she'll live for a normal lifetime, the overwhelming majority of which as an adult.

- Incredibly intelligent
- Extensive knowledge of the base and it's inhabitants
- Physically very fit
- Thanks to the zombie/vampire mix, has incredibly healing abilities.

Desired Position/Department:
General mischief maker.

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Grace Roberts-Andersson
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