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January 2019
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Alex Andersson
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PostSubject: Quarters   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:29 am

Below is a list of quarters and their prices for purchase.

Bed In Mess Hall - Free - Max Occupants 1

This is what you start out with automatically with your career in URCS. You are given a foldable bed and a small space during the night times of the Mess Hall. It is cramped, devoid of privacy and very noisy.

Cornered off area of Mess Hall - $200 - Max Occupants 1

After paying out for a little bit of privacy, you have been given a few moveable partisians that give you a bit more space. Although the mess hall is still pretty noisy, now you can change without prying eyes...

Private Quarters - $1000 - Max Occupants 2

Your very own Private bed and room, complete with your name on the door. You will recieve any mail here and the space is respectable enough to fit a bed, Television and wardrobe. You will however need to share communial showers and toilets.

Private Quarters En Suite - $1200 - Max Occupants 2

This private quarter is everything a shut in needs in order to survive. Private Shower and toilet facilities allow you to do all of your day to day needs inside your private quarters. The space is also slightly bigger, which is always good news.

Large Private Quarters En Suite - $2000 - Max Occupants 3

Much more spacious than the previous room, this quarters gives you twice the space you had previously with a very large area to store all the extras you might have accumulated over your career. This also means you can also hold one extra person in the place comfortably if you need to.

Off Site House - $3500 - Max Occupants 3

You are now permitted to have your own small house off base. Although you are still within a ten mile radius of the base and have to endure the Welsh landscape, you can have some piece and quiet finally and enjoy some of the things that only the countryside can give. It has three bedrooms and a full working kitchen aswell, no mess halls for you anymore.

Off Site Beachfront House - $4500 - Max Occupants 3

Set right on the beach front, althought weather isn't great, during the summer there are days where you can enjoy the calming sea breeze. It's a beautiful landscape aswell and well out of the way from civilisation. Perfect for the soldier needing to have a little bit of time to themselves, or their housemates if they do so.

Off Site Villa - $7500 - Max Occupants 4

This villa is very expensive but every penny is well spent, it is a large building with a large kitchen, study and en suite bathrooms in every bedroom. It is immensley luxurious and has a large open area for it's living room with very changable potential within the site. There also comes a few acres of land with this villa aswell, therefore giving you all the space you would need to do anything you wanted.

Off Site Mansion - $10000 - Max Occupants 6

A mansion, your very own mansion set in the more luxurious areas of Wales. To be able to purchase this you will have garnered an immense amount of cash. Six bedrooms, all en suite, swimming pool, study, games room, large kitchen... the list goes on and on and on. The house is gloriously large and comes with acres of land aswell, complete with football pitch.

Off Site Grande Mansion - $15000 - Max Occupants 10

They call this a Grande Mansion for a good reason, it is massive. Ten bedrooms with large en suite for them all, all the above and more with a personal chef to cook anything anytime. Large garage and drive way, this is simply breath taking.

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