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November 2018
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 Jane McKallister

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Jane McKallister


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PostSubject: Jane McKallister   Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:49 pm

Jane McKallister

Preferred Name: Jane

Age: 21

Height: 5 foot 1”

Weight: 7 stone 5 pounds

Looks: Long black hair, usually tied tight to her head in a bun. Naturally curly with a slight straight beginning. Normally with red highlights added for extra effect. Facial expressions normally with one side of mouth turned up the other side flat. No scars or tattoos. A piercing in each ear which is shown by a simple silver stud. Her face is normally made up with basic make up. (Reddy colours over the eyes and a deep red on the lips.) Her normal clothes are dark black trousers showing off her curves. She also wears a revelling top that enlarges her breasts to make her look good. On her feet she wears heels however generally they are sharpened.

Origin: She is half English and half French however France is her more powerful side and one of her favourite cultures.

Personality: Jane has quite a flirtatious personality and it doesn’t take much for her to achieve her goal in life. She is fun to be around but she can’t stand people who annoy her. She gets on well with both sexes and enjoys company more than relationships. She can sometimes be a bit of a tease to the men however she can then normally rein herself back in quickly before she does stuff she regrets.

Likes: Jane likes reading about medicine and history. She enjoys her sport; mainly football however can play a variety. She knows the basics about guns and weapons but tries not to be involved with them too much. She enjoys learning other cultures and has learnt French and can speak it fluently.

Dislikes: People who just don’t care about anything or anyone, People who insult her job or something she is passionate about.

History: Jane McKallister born in January was a small child. Orphaned from birth after her mother died and then father leaving her to it she had no one to care for her. She struggled through her younger years forever living in the orphanage. Nobody really wanted her or chose her, there was always another one that was “more adorable” or “more intelligent” In desperation to be the one chosen she did many different things to make her look prettier or become clever. She read through a lot of books and became rather intelligent and after dropping out of geek squad she changed and became more “girly”. Eventually a family chose her and they were amazed at how she was adaptable. Her adopting parents were not easy people to be around, they were either really “ooo look that is my daughter” and boasted about her or the complete opposite and she ignored them. When she became older she went out into the world more and went against her adoptive parents. She became a rebel and skipped school, snuck out at night, drank and also did a few mild cases of drugs. Her adoptive parents discovered this and the night of the argument ended in Jane leaving and going clubbing. When she returned later that night, trying to sober up in the cool night air. She discovered her house was on fire and ambulances were outside carting away two dead bodies. She ran towards the building only to be told the bodies were those of her parents. In distraught and outrage with herself she ran off and nobody saw her for a year.

Around the age of 20 (a year later) she returned to the village and saw the mourners still around the place. She attempted to re build the house with the vast amount of money left over and many people flocked to help her. Builders lent her material and plumbers offered to work for free. Before her 21’st birthday Jane disappeared to the villages amazement but a week later she returned but completely different. She didn’t care for the building project or the neighbours or any help and continued pushing people away. Her appearance had changed as well and she became more mournful. It wasn’t until somebody noticed it but the project had been to take her mind off of the death of the only people that cared and she had finally attempted suicide. People once again started to offer their help but Jane, a stubborn girl, refused and ran off. This was when she discovered the site.

After stumbling around lost and alone; she discovered a low rank from the site. A secretary or something she wasn’t too sure. Jane was just finishing her last shot when the girl walked in and sat down. Jane wasn’t too sure what but something kept her there and out of instinct she stayed. Ordering get another shot she watched the new girl walk in. Jane calmly sat staring into her glass before downing it. The new girl sat down and started talking away to her about work and the like, and out of mild interest Jane asked where she worked. The secretary girl, rather drunk by this point managed to slur out a few words about a secret base underground. Jane very seriously listened to what she said and then excused herself whilst still being polite. Back at her apartment she thought about what the drunken girl had said and that it might possibly be true.
Afterwards the promised herself she would search for this “secret” base and see if it exists and if it did then maybe it would help relieve her of the painful depression. She searched for month and just as she was about to give up she stumbled across the secretary again outside the base and on hands and knees begged for a job. The secretary showed her inside but then left her in the lobby…

Requested Position: Jane would like to work in secretary areas; or to do with translating thing from abroad. Anything paper workey would be nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Jane McKallister   Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:43 pm

Hi Jane
As no one has replied to you I will.
Your application is fine, you can start posting straight away.
Would you like to be in academic research section? Or maybe a keeper in the library? The choice is yours, or you can suggest somewhere if you want.
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Jane McKallister


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PostSubject: Re: Jane McKallister   Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:50 pm

Thank you! To be honest I really don't mind where I am put. I am doing GCSE's at the moment so I probably would prefer a not so demanding placement right now as I won't reply for a while
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PostSubject: Re: Jane McKallister   Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:54 pm

That's ok, its been quiet here for months, so if you want to start up a post somewhere you are welcome to. I think Sadie, Anya, Katelyn, Anna and Alex are active.
You could PM them to see.
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PostSubject: Re: Jane McKallister   

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Jane McKallister
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