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January 2019
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:58 pm

The Basics

No God-Moding
This is when your character is all powerful and invincible. This is very unrealistic and unfair on other characters.

No Power-Playing
This is when you control other role player’s actions, e.g. writing what another character says or does. This will not be tolerated. If you have the persons consent then fine, otherwise, don’t do it.

Mature Content
Sexual content is allowed. Swearing is also allowed on this site, though please don’t over do it.


Out of Character
Keep OOC posts in the OOC Boards. If you do need to post out-of-character while in-character
Then write = [whatever you’re saying here]= We will not tolerate any form of abuse out of character. If you abuse anyone on this site, you will be on final warning instantly. In character it is allowed.

Post Length
Posts should be a minimum of two paragraphs, each paragraph consisting of an absolute minimum of four lines. One liners will be deleted instantly. We do provide coaching for those who want it.

Spelling and grammar
Slang and chat-speak isn’t allowed IC such as, “c u l8r.” Posts must be in past third person narrative. There are many spell checkers on the internet, please use them.

If you have not posted for over two weeks we will attempt to make contact with you, if you don’t respond within a week we will suspend your account. If you have an ongoing thread, try to post every two to three days so that people aren’t waiting around for you. Please inform us of any absence you may through holiday etc in Absence Notice.


All new members must complete a bio within two weeks, if not you will contacted and given three days to respond, if you have not responded we will suspend your account.

We don’t want to crush people’s imaginations but we do ask that you make your characters human However, if you do wish your character to be supernatural or have a certain power then please PM the admin with a request detailing your characters abilities and an example RP. Each character is limited to one only.

Please post R&U at the end of your bio to show you have read and understood the rules.

Many Thanks
The Admin Team

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Forum Rules
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