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January 2019
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 The Pack is back.

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Malfice Forrester

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PostSubject: The Pack is back.   Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:43 am

Malfice was running, running hard. He was being chased by four relitivly large grey wolves all adult and seemingly out for his blood. They had been chasing him for about ten minutes with out tiring but neither had Malfice, he knew he could run a steady ground eating pace for a good hour or so in his human form. But he was having to run faster than that pace because the other wolves chasing him were not content on wareing Malfice out but of flat out exausting him. So Malfice kept his feet pounding the ground as he ran for his life.

He was nearing the black out point but still he ran and still was chased. Malfice was heading back to base when these four wild wolves decided to chase him. Malfice could smell he was nearing Pack teritory and remebered the newly birthed Cubs at the den. He couldnt lead these killers there so instead set out for a large clearing not that far from the base he worked at. The edges of his vision went black and it slowly encroched inwalds.

Bursting into the clearing Malfice let lose a gasping howl for help to the Pack before collapsing in a heap in the middle of the clearing. Gasping for oxygen Malfice heard the thump of pads hitting the ground, growls issuing from the different wolves. The four wolves bust into the clearing at the same time four wolves from The Pack arrived. The Pack was mad, fast and brutal dealing with the interlopers who threatened there Alpha. All that was left of the four that had chased Malfice was a few bits of fur and two dead wolves.

One of The Pack sliped up to Malfice and licked his nose in a friendly manner before all four settled around him.
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The Pack is back.
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