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January 2019
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 Armour and Clothes

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Alex Andersson
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PostSubject: Armour and Clothes   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:33 am

Below is a list of armour and specialist clothes that can be purchased.

Small Tactical Armour set - $250

This armour set includes a lightweight bullet proof vest, padded elbow and knee guards. Basic but doesn't impact the user's movement, wont hold well against armour piercing sniper shots however, and shotgun blasts will bruise the wearer significantly.

Medium Tactical Armour Set - $500

This armour set includes a lightweight steel vest, shoulder guards, elbow and knee guards. Also comes with iron guards for the hand aswell, to eliminate the chance of taking shots in the hands while firing weaponry. This armour set is quite weighty but the user can still run slowly if kept well fit.

Large Tactical Armour Set - $1000

The Large Armour Set covers the user's entire body in a thick steel plating that armour piercing rounds find trouble scratching, however this armour set is intensley heavy and the wearer will not be able to run while having this on.

Tear Proof Body Suit - $250

Created once the zombie outbreak in New Mexico occured, the Tear Proof Body Suit protects against any sort of bites, scratches, slashes and anything else that could biologically impact the human body. The suit is made from a resilient rubber type material that moves with the bite or slash so that the suit doesn't tear or hurt the wearer.

Iron Bullet Proof Face Mask - $800

This face mask straps onto the back of the head and fits the entire face of the user, two eye shapes are removed along with serrated breathing area meaning that anything up to assault rifle shots deflect off the iron instead of slamming into the skull. It fits snug and covers some of the neck aswell, best used with the medium or large tactical armour set.

URCS Officer Suit - $150

For when you're looking for that special promotion, the URCS officer suit is well made and is mandatory at any inspections. Mostly worn by agents who recruit URCS officers, this suit is heavily subsidised by URCS hiarchy, hence the cheap price tag.

Sniper Winterised Suit - $300

This sniper suit is ideal for blizzard or snow covered terrains, covering over the whole body and providing a decent camoflauge. It also helps with keeping the body warm, as most of the material is thick.

Sniper Desert Suit - $300

Much like the above but for desert terrains, another difference is that the material used is crafted to be more breathable, matching the user's bodily needs to survive in the harsh conditions.

Ghillie Suit - $350

Legendary sniper suit covered in twigs and plants that make a soldier blend in wooded and bushy landscapes. They are almost unseeable and also gift the user a lightweight movement to cover large landscapes and immediatly blend in once again.

Customised Bullet Proof Face Mask - $750

For the stylish killer, this face mask is much like the above except comes complete with desired design. It's your chance to pimp your face mask in any way you see fit.

URCS Emblazened T-Shirt - $50

URCS soldiers and academics get through ALOT of T-Shirts, so why not purchase this URCS Emblazened shirt for every day use. Its 100% cotton and machine washable... and comes in any colour you like!

URCS Emblazened Sports Bra - $50

IF you're in the gym and a hot looking lady, or a really confused guy, then the URCS sports bra is for you! IT comes in a range of sizes and fits tight, allowing the user to train away without fear of accidental slippage.

URCS Emblazened Sneakers - $100

These sneakers are just ballin'. I mean really, who could pass these up? With the URCS logo emblazened on them, you could look like a real pimp daddy with this stylish footwear.

Gold/Platinum Rolex Watch - $1000

Nothing says style like a Rolex, especially a gold or platinum one. Expensive but worth every penny, this is a real watch of class.

URCS Classic Emblazened T-Shirt- $50

Get back to the old days with the URCS Classic T-Shirt, maybe you like Series 1-3 that much, and you just want to show everyone else what the old logo means!

URCS Classic Baseball Cap - $50

Ideal for the sporty go getter, the URCS Classic Baseball Cap is one of our most popular items, with the classic logo on the front and flexible front, we can see why!

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Armour and Clothes
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