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Alex Andersson
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PostSubject: Weapons   Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:17 am

Below is an expansive list of Weapons that are available for you to purchase. (I am constantly updating the information, pictures and prices of these so bear with me with any changes).

Assault Rifles:

AK-47 - $150 - Custom $50

Cheap, easy to make and with serious stopping power, The AK-47 was one of the reasons why the russians built a strong army over the years. While economically sound, the AK-47 is a deadly assault rifle with good range and damage.

M4A1 - $450 - Custom $200

The M4A1 is a fully automatic basic assault rifle with decent range but small damage capability. It is a reliable weapon however with a good range of addition weapons easily attached and a good shelf life also. It is best used in it's fully automatic setting due to it's lack of stopping power.

SCAR H CQC - $500 - Custom $250

A weapon made famous by the United States Marines, The Scar H weapon is an all purpose assault rifle with a high impact damage ratio. 30 rounds of real killing potential in each magazine and the recoil is reduced due to the frame of the rifle. It is a fantastic power first gun.

G36c - $500 - Custom $350

The G36c could be classed as a light Assault Rifle or a Heavy Sub Machine Gun due to it's very low damage per bullet ratio. However used in the right hands it can be a deadly weapon due to it's accuracy and range if used correctly. At close range it can be problematic due to it's awkward recoil.

M16 Carbine - $700 - Custom $300

The more expensive and United States answer to the AK-47. While it wasn't as economically on the same level as it's russian counterpart, the M16's triple burst of bullets meant that it had a better magazine length and was more reliable over the course of battle. It proved to be a more accurate rifle than it's russian rival, but lacked the impressive stopping power of the AK.

ACR - $800 - Custom $200

One would state alot like the M4A1, 30 bullets and decent range. The main thing that sets this firearm apart is the fact that the recoil is almost non existent. This makes it a perfect starting rifle as it is easy to unleash several rounds with minimal effect on the accuracy. A must for soldiers with unsteady arms.

The Prowler - $1200 - Custom $500

One of Marco's weapons it is designed to combat the larger creatures URCS encounter using the 4.5 MRGP that detonate on impact leaving a bloody mess of most targets. Due to having to be built in base there are only 6 Prowlers in working service to date. The Prowler has since then become a high standing weapon of high expense but unrivalled power.

Sub Machine Guns:

P90 Standard Issue - $250 - Custom $150

The P90 is a fantastic all round Sub Machine gun with extreme capacity and fire rate to dwarf most other versions. The P90 is the most user friendly SMG of the modern era, there are 50 bullets in every magazine that is uniquely reloaded through a feeder on the top of the frame. The recoil is also suprisingly low for the high fire rate on the weapon, thus solidifying it's position as the URCS standard security weapon.

MP5 - $400 - Custom $150

The MP-5 is a weapon with decent pedigree, with a slower fire rate and magazine size than most SMG's, it garners a decent accuracy. Made famous by special forces who would use the weapon as a secondary gun, more so with breaches due to it's good single fire capability. The main problem with this gun however is that for an SMG, the recoil can be horrendous at the best of time if firing off too many rounds at one time. Short bursts required.

Vector - $500 - Custom $150

The Vector is a brilliant all around Sub Machine Gun, sporting a high rate of fire and surprisingly low recoil per shot, the Vector is the meaning behind the modern day weapon. It is easily used and easily modified to suit any sort of battle situation. Also very good for soldiers who use the spray and pray method, when firing blindly out of cover, you are bound to hit something in the facinity of where you are shooting.

M93 Raffica - $750 - Custom $250

More of a machine pistol rather than a Sub Machine Gun, but the results are very similar. While sporting a pistol sized magazine, the Raffica can exert many bullets at one time with extreme power and accuracy. It is not meant for overuse however, as the constant reloading give the opponent time to come against the user, however for a short burst there is little better.

Uzi 9mm - $1000 - Custom $350

For the real pimp daddy, the Uzi 9mm has thus far been far surpassed in terms of usefullness and tactical advantage. However it rate of fire still is impressive, and it's lightweight frame allows for two to be used in unison easily. The Uzi 9mm has circulated through the black market for many years and is the weapon of choice for lower level gangsters. However used in the right hands, it is suprisingly effective.

Light Machine Guns:

RPD - $400 - Custom $500

The RPD is the forefront for Light Machine guns, while a slower rate of fire than some more modern counterparts, the RPD is suprisingly accurate for it's class and it's wooden frames lend alot towards the AK-47's brilliance. One thing that the RPD is, reliable. It is the veterans first choice for a major killing machine and there is often little to go wrong. However if used in the wrong hands it can be a woeful weapon, the heavy frame and slowness of the gun can lead to a mistake, and one mistake on the battlefield means death.

MG4 - $700 - Custom $600

If you want to deal a devastating amount of damage easily to a number of enemies, the MG4 is a savage weapon. Despite it's magazine size and accuracy are much like others in it's class, the MG4's brute power can rip through multiple enemies with ease. It is a fairly modern weapon aswell, being well supported by additional add ons, and the frame is also well made to deal with the monster's brute power.

M60 Classic - $900 - Custom $1000

If you want to Rambo it up, the M60 classic is the one you are looking for. While not as technically sound as it's counterparts, the M60 is still a devastating weapon created for one purpose, to kill alot of enemies quickly. IT's short bursts are great for cutting down enemies but the recoil is simply unreal. You will need a strong arm simply to keep the gun up while shooting, it'll pound both you and the enemy.

M249 SAW - $1150 - Custom $500

The SAW is a world reknowned Light Machine Gun that excels in almost every catagory. It's accuracy is solid, damage and reliability, it is a fantastic all round machine gun that is definitly user friendly. The gun is also fairly easy to reload and if new soldiers are looking to start out with this catagory of guns, this expensive choice will work dividends.

The Mountie - $1750 - Custom $1000

The Mountie is a legendary gun created by gunsmiths in the Ukraine, it was an experimental weapon picked up the URCS and it has since etched it's way into folklore. Although it has the power of a mounted machine gun, this gun is suprisingly lightweight, using a drum style magazine tweaked for the LMG series and also an extended barrel size to give it an unrivalled accuracy. The Mountie also has 150 rounds instead of the usual 100, there is no match for the Mountie.


USP .45 - $200 - Custom $100

The USP.45 is a fantastic all round purpose pistol, while it's damage is pretty low, it's low recoil and easy reloading make it a fine side arm. Also it's lightweight design makes it a good weapon, however despite it being generally a new pistol, it tends not to work too well with any added extras, for instance, the silencers tend to have a few problems getting the full effect from the USP. Nethertheless, it is a fine weapon with plenty of potential.

SoCoM - $350 - Custom $150

The SoCoM is a weapon built for one major purpose, sever accuracy with a deadly range. Also especially useful with a silencer attachment, it can reach for and true for a steady hand. It's magazine size aswell is especially generous and easily modified to fit almost 20 bullets in a magazine. This means that is a good single shooter use gun, however the damage per bullet is dreadfully low, it'll need to hit it's target in the head or chest to have any significant damage.

Glock - $500 - Custom $150

The Glock could be labelled as a Machine Pistol aswell due to it's rate of fire and high magazine size, it is a good weapon for quick bursts or spray and pray specialists. It's extended mag does get into the way however it is a small flaw, the Glock is world known as a great Machine pistol with devastating effect.

M9 - $600 - Custom $250

When it comes to power the M9 is an extreme choice, it is a well rounded pistol with unrivalled single shot power. It comes as sacrifice to the weight of the frame, but it's magazine size is very good. However if you wish to take out an enemy with a sidearm, the M9 can really blow holes into any enemy and also cut through armour with good effect. Another drawback is it's weak range. A strong hand required for a strong weapon.

Desert Eagle - $1150 - Custom $700

For the badass mother fucker, the 'Deagle' is a pistol with extreme power and killing potential. It's the heaviest of most sidearms and it's range isn't fantastic, but if you want to drop a guy and make sure he isn't getting back up, the Desert Eagle is a massively useful gun. It's magazine size is a simple 7 rounds but many look at it as the modern day revolver with it's one shot kill capability.

Tactical Revolver - $1000 - Custom $1000

It's design hasn't changed much since the days of the wild west, but still a potent killer in the right hands. There are no rivals for absolute style and class, and since it was modified for modern day usage, the Tactical Revolver had managed to keep up with high class weaponry over the years. While it shares plenty of traits with the .44 Magnum, it excels in power dealt and simple bad ass ish... ness...

Multi Purpose Revolver - $1500 - Custom $1000

Much like the above class, but has been further modified to include various added specialised bullets. Special sniper bullets, sleeper dart bullets, paralysis bullets, Mine Thrower bullets, Laser marker attachment, the gun also includes a stealth mode that enables a small resonance emitter that with a finely tuned ear will locate nearby enemies. It is the future of weapons with multiple growing attachments and new bullet makes, a gun for the man on the go.

Sniper Rifles:

S75 Bolt Action Rifle W/ Scope - $300 - Custom $100

Standard class bolt action sniper rifle, the S75 is about as basic as it gets. While having a decent amount of power, it's reliability is poor due to it's overbearing power. It's best described as a high impact rifle due to it's wide damage area, but the bolt action means that it will jam constantly and the scope will almost always need to be calibrated on the go for decent results, it's recoil puts the rifle out of wack on a constant basis.

Barrett .50 Cal - $650 - Custom $400

Semi Automatic sniper rifle of the modern generation. The Barrett is a decent all round sniper rifle with good impact damage and a semi decent recoil management. It's range is almost impressive despite it's semi automatic nature of the gun, however most silencers on this sniper rifle tend to die out pretty quickly. Many veterans dislike the Barrett due to it's automatic nature, saying it tends to con soldiers into firing too many innaccurate shots.

Dragunov SVD - $700 - Custom $500

Another well made russian weapon, the sniper rifle that made Semi Automatic long range shooting famous. With it's exceptionally low recoil and easy reloading mechanism, it has become a fantastic all round sniper rifle even useful at close range aswell if the situations permits. Something about russian design just makes all their weapons fantastic, and the Dragunov is no exception.

PSG-1 - $1000 - Custom $500

The PSG-1 is yet another Semi Automatic rifle with a decent pedigree, while not as famous as the Dragunov and the Barrett, still as deadly if used correctly. It's recoil is a serious problem as it tends to pop up out of grip constantly, however if a firm grip is used on the gun and a steady eye, it's sights are very well attained to the rifle, it's length is very useful aswell. For the keen eye and perfectionist, the PSG-1 is a user's delight.

Intervention - $1500 - Custom $550

The master of bolt action sniper rifles, the Intervention is the next generation S75. With all of the power, unbelievable distance and range, easy reloading capabilities, the Intervention is one of the best sniper rifles on the market today. Literally bringing everything that was great about old bolt action rifles and removing all the pet hates, the Intervention does what it says on the frame, it Intervenes any enemy that cares to wander into your path.


Model 1887 - $350 - Custom $300

The Model 1887 shotgun is an old classic with a range to die for and a real knack for stylish killing, however it's single shot causing so many problems in the battlefield that it has been overclassed by it's modern counterparts. Although it's power is something to be applauded, the Model 1887 is little help unless there is only one man on the battlefield, which unfortunatly, is extremley rare.

Spas 12 - $700 - Custom $400

The Spas 12 is the modern shotgun for the new generation, pump action shotguns just dont come much better than this. It's range is dazzling for it's class and it's damage means that one shot will often blow a hole through any opposition, it's reliable aswell and rarely locks. Whie it's reloading system suffers from the same problems as it's fore fathers, the Spas 12 is a competent weapon with immense use on the field of battle.

M3 - $900 - Custom $500

The M3 is what can be best called as a specialist shotgun, as only four shots fill the chamber, it's power has be controlled for it's ultimate gain. If time is given to the M3 shotgun, it'll reward heartily as it will surpass other shotguns in it's class, if one can look past it's obvious drawbacks. It's heavy, low ammo, high recoil, but it is one of the best shotguns around if used correctly.

AA-12 - $1250 - Custom $600

The gun that single handidly changed the history of shotguns forever, fully automatic and almost unstoppable, the AA-12 is easy to use, fast to reload and devastatingly powerful at close range. While it's distance is severley poor, the AA-12 has a magazine reload system that makes it a modern weapon to be feared, it's quick and effective in almost every situation.

Stubby - $1350 - Custom $1500

Custom made pump action death, this weapon looks small but is uniquely devastating. The two inch shell in made up of a solid tungsten slug wrapped in a ceramic and silver ball bearing sheath then on exiting of the barrel turn in to a cone of shrapnel tearing all but the toughest targets to peices. It is an unrivaled weapon that can tear through armour.

Shot Cannon - $1500 - Custom $1000

A legendary custom shotgun that was created by Marco Hilton, this shotgun is simply the best out there. A fully auto version of the Two inch stubby that grindes down enything with in range, But need support harness to help user keep standing when firing. It's power is simply unreal and any person who is on the receiving end of this gun is surely to lose.


Brass Knuckles - $50

Cheap, reliable and with the savage ability to knock out an opponent with a single strike. The brass knuckles wrap around each finger and are pretty comfortable for the constant user, very uncomfortable for the opponent.

Combat Knife - $150

A weapon that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years, the knife. From caveman sharpening stone into the finely tuned Combat Knife, the result is still the same, the instant cutting of the enemy. Plunging deeply and easily into flesh, the Combat Knife is exceptional as a close range weapon and all round utility, for the survivalist it is constantly in use, skinning animals and creating bedding. The Combat Knife will be around for many years to come.

Elongated Combat Knife - $200 - Custom $50

All the above, but BIGGER. That's right, the only way to improve on a proven weapon is to slap a few more inches to it's range, the Elongated Combat Knife is heavier on the hilt to cover with it's longer reach.

Baton X2 - $200

While they may sound feminine, you wouldn't be thinking that if wacked over the head by these long batons. Easy to use and carry, these batons move with grace and style while striking hard. Doubled by the fact that it can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, a very potent weapon.

Spiked Brass Knuckles - $210 - Custom $150

Like the previous Brass Knuckles but with intensley sharp spikes coming from eack knuckle piece, these spikes are created to enter and exit a human body quickly for numerous strikes without problems.

Samurai Sword - $440 - Custom $500

Mastered by the ancient Samurai's, this sword is finely crafted with lightweight speed and devastating slicing power. The sword is dynamic in use, hard steel and can cut through objects with more grace and style than any other sword. It's hilt is also custom made to suit the user, along with it's holder.

Battle Enhanced Cleaver - $300 - Custom $100

Much like the usual kitchen knife, except enhanced to take it's place upon the battlefield. The Battle Enhanced cleaver has a modified blade and handle so that it cleaves quicker and cleaner without further chance of sticking to the enemy. Brilliant for close quarters combat and overall psychological effect.

Halberd - $390 - Custom $150

For if you really want to get medievil on their asses, the Halberd is a heavy long ranged weapon when used in the trained hands, can be absolutly terrifying. It can be used both defensivley and offensivley, however it does slow down the user, with it's weighted end.

High Vibration Sword - $1100 - Custom $500

The next generaton of sword fighting has finally arrived, the HVS (High Vibration Sword) has microchips placed into the hilt that cause the edge of the sword's blade to vibrate at an extreme rate, this enables the sword to slice through anything on planet earth, and places beyond...

Extendable Wrist Blades - $850 - Custom $350

These wrist blades are well concealed behind a large coat, it's trigger mechanism attached to a desired finger. Once activated, these wrist blades extend a foot and a half forward and are serrated to enter the opponents body and remove quickly. They are easy to use as strapped to the user's arm enhancing hand to hand combat for a new era.

Hammer Of Draymarch - $1500

When mythological hammers are talked about, everyone tends to go towards Thor's Hammer. However any true researcher knows that there is one hammer used in times gone by that is more than real, hidden behind the clues of thousands of years. The Hammer of Draymarch was the first major hammer used in warfare and is only usable by a person with extreme strength. IT's weight however pays dividends, it's swing incurs more damage than a long range ballista, while the spike on the other side will easily finish off any target. Some say it gifts the user with confidence with every kill, although no tests have gone into this fact.


Minigun - $1500 - Custom $1000

The minigun is world reknowned as an unstoppable killing machine, with it's extreme magazine size, it's extreme damage and ability to remove platoons of soldiers quickly, it's a dangerous weapon. Heavy and bulky, it's desired use is quickly rewarded.


Flash Grenade - $100

The Flash Grenade is pefect for Black Ops, Swat and other stealth missions. The grenade emits a large flash that will blind enemies close to it's vacinity for a long time, it's also quiet which allows the user to enter the explosion range and take out the fallen soldiers silently.

Stun Grenade - $100

The Stun Grenade works slightly differently to the Flash Grenade, it does blind the enemy but for a reduced amount of time. IT's up side that it does contain a better blast radius, damaging enemies aswell as blinding them. Perfect for a singular enemy needed to be restrained.

Frag Grenade - $250

The Fragmentation Grenade hasn't changed it's design for years, simply because it does what it needs to do well. The grenade will explode, fragmenting it's frame and killing enemies in a very large blast range.

Incindinary Grenade - $250

Incindinary Grenades are a new advancement, the grenade will explode and ignite a chemical solution that drenches it's blast radius in severe flame. This will easily burn a group of enemies to a crisp quickly with no chance of survival.

Semtex Grenade - $350

The Semtex Grenade is the next generation Frag Grenade, this grenade can stick to almost any surface and when done, will start it's three second timer. The power from the grenade will easily kill enemies nearby, although lacks the power of the Frag Grenade, breaths new life into the stragetic use of grenades.

Le Grande Pingers - $500

A prototype grenade, Le Grande Pingers are not french in design despite their name. These grenades are bulky, but for good reason. Once thrown, the grenade will explode, sending with it hundreds of small pins which at such velocity, will pin enemies to walls, floor, ceiling, where they will eventually bleed to death.

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