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January 2019
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 URCS Video Game Achievements

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Alex Andersson
Senior Staff
Senior Staff

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PostSubject: URCS Video Game Achievements   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:01 am

I''m super bored and don't have a muse to post, should go to sleep but i don't see that happening. Instead i've decided to come up with some URCS achievement names if there ever was a URCS video game for the Xbox. I'm basing the game kinda around Dragon Age Origins if anyone asks. Sad I know but hell, if anyone wants to come up with DLC achievements fuck it, bang on, should be fun.

So you think you're hard eh? - 30g
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Makings of a genuine badass - 15g
Complete the game on Medium Difficulty

It kinda looks like a Test Tube down there- 10g
Found your way into Anna's bed

Uneasy lover - 10g
Engaged in Katelyn's 'favourite' time killer

I'll make you smell like vodka - 10g
Performed the dirty deed with Alex

He's a lover... and a fighter - 10g
Found your way into Garrison's bed

Unreal Really Craving Sex - 10g
Through all playthroughs, experienced every romance

Marco's Bistro - 5g
Fully upgraded a single weapon

An explosion worthy of Hilton - 5g
In a single explosion, kill 5 or more enemies

Libraries aren't for pussies - 5g
Learnt 50% of URCS lore

I am like Einstein... of PAIN! - 10g
Learnt 100% of URCS lore.

Now do it while wasted - 5g
Complete the Pistol Challenges thus earning the Hawk's Talon

Sadie-liscious - 5g
Complete the Sniper Challenges thus earning the RPG Barret .50 cal.

I am Hartham, you are dead - 5g
Complete the Light Machine Gun Challenges thus earning the Prowler

P90 is just standard issue - 5g
Complete the Sub Machine Gun Challenges thus earning the Shot Cannon

Let my gun do the talking - 5g
Complete the Assault Rifle Challenges thus earning the G36 Wulfe Edition

To be the Man, you gotta beat The Man - 20g
Reached level 30

You are learning my young padawan - 10g
Reached level 15

I levelled up yeah! - 5g
Reached level 1

Close Quarters Cremation - 15g
Defeated Andersson in the Blue Square

Regal Victory - 15g
Defeated Garrison in the Blue Square

Not so fatal four way - 20g
Won a four man battle on the Blue Square.

Olympic killing Medal - 20g
Achieve gold status on any mission

I just can't do this... - 20g
Spared the vampire infected child in 'Blackened Fangs'

Close your eyes - 20g
Killed the vampire infected child in 'Blackened Fangs'

I'm dreaming... of a red... Christmas - 30g
Listened and relived the 'Cold Fist' mission

I'm a big blue meanie - 20g
Harvested the strength from Trepazeme Blue in 'Fossil Fuels'

The river flows blue - 20g
Destroyed the final Trepazeme fossils in 'Fossil Fuels'

Will complete this soon.

Last edited by Alex Andersson on Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:27 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Jacob Garrison


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PostSubject: Re: URCS Video Game Achievements   Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:19 pm

Excellent, love them all especially Jacob's.
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URCS Video Game Achievements
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