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November 2018
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Katelyn O'conner


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PostSubject: Katelyn O'Conner   Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:26 am

Full Name: Katelyn O’Conner

Age 33

Place of Birth/Nationality: California, USA. American Nationality

Appearance: Katelyn is tall and slim with an olive complexion and toned muscles. She is very elegant and without a doubt beautiful. She has full lips, and a slim face with dark brown eyes. Her dark sleek hair fall just past her shoulders.

The clothes she wears can vary from very elegant to extremely revealing, generally she wears tight fitting jeans and low cut tops. When fighting, or on a job she wears a black cat suit.

Personality: Katelyn is intelligent and manipulative. Always one to get her own way she struggles to accept having her demands ignored. She knows she’s beautiful and she holds herself with an air of confidence. She is sassy and flirtatious and well known for being a slut but will beat down anyone who calls her a whore as she feels it is a demeaning term. She is quick to anger but is careful how to vent it, choosing to get under someone’s skin rather than fighting outright with them. She despises disloyalty, and never leaves a job unfinished. She is a loyal friend but a very deadly foe, anyone foolish enough to underestimate her usually ends up dead.

History: Katelyn was born into a wealthy family in San Diego. Her father was a lawyer and worked long hours while her mother remained at home, caring for Katelyn. She was a very spoilt child and was very manipulative from a young age and developed and incredible skill for getting exactly what she wanted.

She was sent to an all girl’s school, which she despised. Rebelling against her parent she skipped a lot of school and got involved with the local gangs and started wreaking havoc in the town. She was arrested and brought home on numerous occasions, and received a mixture of reactions from her parents. Her father despised all crime and would berate her at every turn for failing the family, where her mother was a little more sympathetic.

By the time she was 16, Katelyn had gotten herself deep into the gangs, steadily working her way up to the top. Though the gangs she was involved with were insignificant in comparison to the largest, that controlled the drug trafficking within her home town. The leader of this gang, Peter McMillan, had taken an interest in Katelyn, following her home one night her attacked her in a dark alley and raped her. During the assault on her body and mind, Katelyn caught a glimpse of the man’s pocket knife. Stealing it she stabbed him and fled, leaving him to bleed to death.

Arrested a few days later, Katelyn was sent to Juvenile Prison for two years. Here she was given various different enrichments to keep her busy. It was here that she developed her incredible skill to fight with a sword, and developed her self defence. She also learnt a great deal from the other prisoners about weak points on the body, which would help her later in life.

When she was released at the age of 18, she was greeted only by her mother. Her Father, appalled by her actions wanted nothing more to do with her and wanted her out of his house. In a car journey to L.A. Katelyn learned of her mother’s past as a criminal and how she had had everything she could possibly dream of, before it was snatched away by the police.

Louise left her daughter with an old friend Tom who ran a local strip club called the Pussycats, in the hope that Katelyn would find whatever it was she was looking for here. Katelyn worked behind the bar in the Pussycats, but she was fascinated by the dancers and wanted to be on the stage, wanted to be admired. Within about six months of working in the Pussycats, Katelyn was on the podium. Her natural elegance and beauty attracted men from all over the town and business prospered and Katelyn quickly learnt how she could use her body to get what she wanted. Katelyn had many regulars who wanted personal dances, one of which was Reece Johnson.

After spending a little time with Reece off the stage, Katelyn learned that he was a leader of one of the largest gangs in L.A. running a successful weapons smuggling business. Keeping her job at the Pussycats, Katelyn became Reece’s second, running various errands for him. She assassinated many other gangs’ leaders and the occasional police officer that got too close to uncovering the smuggling business.

With her job and the strip club and working with Reece, there were very few people Katelyn didn’t know. She monitored every gangs movements and she always knew where targeted politicians or businessmen were hiding, making her a wonderful informant, and a highly sought after assassin.

At the age of twenty she met Alex Andersson, and ex FBI agent and an alcoholic. His callous attitude towards life and other people amused her and he quickly became a regular, and they developed a very rewarding business arrangement. She spent a lot of time working for Alex, gathering information for him and helping him with the occasional fight.

During a very big delivery of weaponry, Reece was arrested and questioned, caving under the pressure the police put him under he betrayed his gang and Katelyn and was released on bail. There was a furious battle at the docks in L.A. where many of Katelyn’s friends died, lucky to escape with her life, Katelyn vowed to destroy Reece and with Alex’s help she found him, and killed him slowly.

With the business now under her control, Katelyn had the world in her hands. She quickly started recruiting more men, keeping low and growing in size, unaware to the LAPD.

Having developed a good relationship with Alex and a high level of trust she went looking for him to ask for him to join her, help her to run the huge gang but to her dismay, he had vanished. No goodbye, no hint of where he had gone. Devastated, Katelyn searched for him for about three years; before her lifelong friend Dwayne convinced her it was a waste of time.

During the ten years that she didn’t see Alex, business boomed. Her fighting skills developed greatly and she was soon the leader of the biggest and most profitable gang in L.A. She was high up on the wanted list but was careful never to leave a trace, infuriating the LAPD and FBI.

At the age of 30, Katelyn received a message from Alex, asking for her help in England. Thrilled at the opportunity to work with him, Katelyn left her second, Dwayne, to look after the business and took the next flight to London.

The job Alex had in mind for her been beyond anything she could have imagined. Attacking and stealing from a top secret base in the middle of Wales. The very one which Alex had disappeared to after L.A. Assisting Alex in the attack on the base she was captured and tortured for information by Jacob Garrison and Anna Roberts, though revealed nothing to their fury. It was there, eight levels underground that Katelyn was first found by Acerbus, a spirit form that feeds off the insanity and souls of others. While in the cell she was subject to repetitive nightmares that were so real she had difficulty separating her dreams from the reality which became apparent whe3n Alex returned to release her, under the agreement that he would help URCS bring down a Red Fang base.

Free to roam the base with Lurango as her guardian, she was the subject of a lot of abuse and unable to keep her head down at get on with things at the best of time, let alone with Acerbus gradually driving her mad, she responded with violence and her own share of abuse. The last of which was her building and attaching a bomb to Dr Roberts’s ca and exploding it before her eyes, potentially risking the life of not only the Doctor but her daughter Grace. Furious with her and without any other way of getting through to Katelyn Alex Battered her within and inch of her life as punishment.

After recovering Katelyn remained in her quarters, shut down and void of any life. Here at her lowest point Acerbus launched his attack on her, slicing open her wrists and leaving her to die. Alex and found her and she was rushed into the infirmary, where Anna battled to keep her alive. During a cardiac arrest, Anna shocked herself, pulling Acerbus from Katelyn and into herself without realising. Once again the infirmary, Katelyn found herself in full control of her mind again and once recovered tried her best to work things out with Alex but her love for him was unreturned and unable to deal with the pain caused by the rift between them she returned to L.A to locate and assassinate Niles after a subordinate had failed to do so. Killing him and raiding his home for information she returned to URCS, to find the rift between Alex and her had closed somewhat and things were easier.
All she had to do now was to help him finish destroying the NWO and she could, finally after years waiting have the life she wanted with him

Skills: skilled swordswoman knows her weapons, whether it be a gun or an explosive. She has a talent for getting information out of people

Desired Position/Department: Detention Centre
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Katelyn O'Conner
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