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November 2018
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Sadie Smith


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PostSubject: Sadie Smith   Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:08 am

Full Name: Sadie Smith

Age 35

Place of Birth/Nationality: Kent, England. British Nationality

Appearance: Sadie has brown wavy hair which falls just past her shoulders with deep blue eyes. She is slim built with a well toned body. She stands at 5’7” and holds herself with pride, her skin is slightly tanned.
Sadie is rarely seen out of her combat trouser, boots and a tank top. On the rare occasion that she doesn’t where her military attire she wears jeans and low cut tops, normally in dark rich colours.

Personality: Sadie is a very cool, collected woman in a military situation, but when it comes to personal matters she is well out of her depth and since her breakdown has built walls around herself trying not to get close to anyone. She can be short tempered and hot headed but always tries to do well by everyone. Strong will and determination means Sadie always get the job done to the best of her abilities even it means bending a few rules and orders.

History: Sadie was raised mainly by her father who was a general in the British Army. Sadie’s mother was an alcoholic, and a fowl one at that. She spent most her energy on berating Sadie, though with little effect as Sadie was always told by her father that she should never rise to insults or let them affect you, especially when coming from the mouth of a drunkard.
Sadie spent a lot of her time at ranges and was noticed for her keen eye and ability to hit targets with beautiful precision. She left school with average grades and with encouragement from her father, joined the army. Progressing through the ranks and landing herself with the rank of Lieutenant, by the time she was 25, Sadie developed a reputation for getting the job done in the best way possible.
She was approached by URCS shortly after being suspended from the army after the death of her father, which had caused to become irate and unusually unstable. She accepted the job without hesitation, feeling it would be better to keep busy. In her time among the team she found herself a sense of peace and accepted the death of her father. She also found herself strangely attracted to Alex Andersson, both emotionally and physically.
After Cold Fist, Sadie worked as a mercenary in Africa, using her skills to take out terrorist leaders, and various other violent figures, a period of her life she will always regret. She was caught by the African police when she was attempting an assassination of a powerful political figure. Facing a trial which would surely end in her death, the British Government intervened, offering her salvation within the UK, clearing her charges on the condition that she rejoined the URCS team.
Snatching up the opportunity, she flew back to England only to discover that her mother had died while she had been in Africa. Although she felt little sorrow for the bitter woman’s death, she still felt the need to fulfil her duties as a daughter and spent some time tying loose ends before rejoining the team as a Captain.

Under Hartham's Command, the base was running smoothly but during a mission both Craig and Alex vanished, abandoning the team when they needed them most. For this Sadie never forgave them. She was promoted to a Major and given Base Command, and she did not take on the task lightly. There was a nasty catch, with the instability of the team the Government had assigned and MI5 agent, Antonia Black to the team. Her job was to report what she saw back to the Government.

Sadie commanded the base for a year and it was an eventful one a that. With Alex reappearing out of the blue and attempting to take the base; the birth of Grace, Anna’s daughter, the difficult reinitiating of Alex and his counter part Katelyn; Jacob’s departure, Katelyn’s determination to disrupt the entire base, shortly followed by an attempted suicide and the return of ex- Commander Craig Hartham alongside with Antonia’s determination to be at her shoulder when ever there was an opportunity for her to fuck up Sadie quickly spiralled into a nervous breakdown, making rash unjustified decisions, and losing her temper at thesimplest ofthings.

MI5 agent Antonia Black made a quick example of her, dismissing her from the base in public, during a social gathering and reinstating Hartham. Devasted, drunk and angry, Sadie packed her bags as in structed and made her way to the armoury to gather hr weapons, here she was met by Antonia and her guards who preceeded to drag her from the base. Desperate to get at Antonia in anyway possible, she vandalised Antonia’s car, breaking windows and throwing the remains of her wine over her white leather seats.

Cast from the base, her pride severely wounded, she made her way to the only place she could. Turning up on Jacob’s doorstep was not how she imagined to try and repair their friendship, but with no where else to turn she had no choice but to bite the bllet and go for it. Staying at his for a couple of nights she managed t get hold of some old contacts which had seth up in Africa and made her way to Russia.

Only intent on earning her keep with a few assainations, Sadie got more than she bargained for. Dr Igor Kaminski, a self serving scientist whose self drive was to understand as much as he could of the vampires anatomy, sough Sadie out. Having heard of her through the grape vine he asked for her assistance in monitoring a base where vampires were experimenting with genetics.

More than intrigued, Sadie took up the offer and helped run several surveillance and reconnaissance. During one of these surveillance missions, the team of mercenaries, she worked with encountered the Red Fangs, latest and greatest weapon. A hybrid of both Lycan and vampire genes. After the creature was killed (with great difficulty), Sadie sought Dr Kaminski’s help to confirm her fears, before arranging for the body to be preserved and transported back to Wales along with herself. This was something the URCS needed to know about and needed to be dealt with by well trained professionals. To her sorrow, Dr Kaminski was attacked and murdered two days before she was due to fly home and his laboratories destroyed along with a huge amount of valuable information that she had intended and bringing back with her. Gathering the scraps that she could Sadie saw the transportation of the creature to the URCS base. Although she was determined not to see this as an opportunity to get back into the team, Sadie couldn’t help but hope.

Careful not to upset the wrong people by being on base, Sadie requested for Anna Roberts to greet her with the hybrid. The autopsy began that afternoon as did her negotiations on reclaiming a position on the team with Antonia Black.

Skills: Expert sniper, tactician and liaison officer

Desired Position/Department: Base Guest
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Sadie Smith
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