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November 2018
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Anya Hilton
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PostSubject: Anya   Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:36 pm

Full Name: Mrs Anya Hilton

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Place of Birth/Nationality: England/English

Appearance: Starting at the top, and working our way down her feminine body, the first thing most people notice about Anya is her elbow-length hair. Almost perfectly straight naturally, Anya dyes her hair purple, blue or black normally. The owner of two pale blue eyes, they don't stand out much. She has a few freckles on her face, but not many. She has 3 tattoos on her arms and torso. Only a select few know if she has any more. Anya is about 5ft 11, usually a medium build, currently she has a life force inhabiting her so she is slowly gaining weight. Normally she wears vest tops and trousers, with a comfy pair of trainers. Now in America she wears whatever feels comfy because of the humidity.

Personality: Shy to new people, Anya will quickly come out of her shell and befriend people. As seems normal to her, talking to guys is, and always was, easier then talking to women. Anya is quiet, but happy. Preferring to sit at the sidelines and be the hidden power, Anya has decorated her techie van with mementos of her husband and their changing family.

History: The first time she was caught hacking it was by MI6. They questioned her, and eventually released her, keeping their eye on her. She was assigned to URCS and was brought on various missions to infiltrate enemies’ computer systems, break security codes and keep eyes on the soldiers. Anya made friends with a few of the high-up people of URCS, most noticeably Alex Andersson. They met on one of Anya's first days, and had an unspoken friendship, which suddenly became stronger when Alex discovered Anya's most shocking secret. He thought. Anya faced a life-changing decision, settling on keeping her unborn love-child. Previously she had a casual relationship with James Hilton. He came and went at URCS as he pleased, seeing Anya if he could. After an energetic night with him before she went on a mission to America, Anya ended up pregnant. When she told James he was shocked, and like most guys he needed some time to think. After Anya's first appointment with a Dr House in America she went to see James who was visiting his brother in L.A. They talked about it in person, and decided to stick together. A couple of nights later Anya and James were sitting on the top of a building that Marco had claimed in the name of something. They were talking about their future, how it would be a good idea to have a house somewhere, when James asked Anya to marry him. Happily surprised, Anya said yes, and three weeks later they tied the knot in a small ceremony in America with Marco and some other people they knew.
Now married to an URCS member, she spends most of her time over in America with both him and his brother. Her doctor is also over there, so she can go see him whenever she needs.

Skills: Anya is a skilled hacker and has only been caught a couple of times. Fully confident in her skills, she never second guesses herself and knows how to manipulate people and objects.

Desired Position/Department: Head of Technical Department
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