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 Alex Andersson (Updated from Series 3)

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Alex Andersson
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PostSubject: Alex Andersson (Updated from Series 3)   Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:35 pm

((This is to show you guys what a good bio would be, does not need to be as long as this))

Full Name: Alex Andersson

Age: 40

Place of Birth/Nationality: San Francisco, USA

Appearance: Alex has short black hair and a scruffy beard, very unkept as it makes him look very unprofessional. His build is one of former athletism but has since worn with time, holding the basic muscle he had during his younger days but still keeps his attractive looks. He also has a gaping chest chasm due to a point blank revolver shot in the chest of which he barely survived. Over time he has grown his hair into a more medium length showing, however he often isn't seen smiling. He is a constant frowner due to his personality of constantly being pissed off.

Normally, Alex would wear a black tank top and jeans around the base. However when on missions, he will change his appearance to best suit his chances of surviving Black Operations style. However normally he would be stated to wear a body vest and additional pouches onto extremley darkened combat trousers, more like cargos.

His distinctive features is his heavily war torn hands that are extremely rough due to years of gun recoil. Despite his scruffy appearance, his face is devoid of scars, lucky considering most of the soldiers with his sort of years in action would at least have a few. However his most distinctive feature are his dark blue eyes, deep and wide open. Many people say that his eyes are what make him human, or close to it at least.

Personality: Andersson is well known around the URCS as being a cold hearted son of a bitch. He has his own agendas and particularly doesn't care what collateral damage occurs because of it. Doubled with the fact that he refuses to regret his actions, even if in retrospect he agrees they were the wrong choice, this makes him an extremley dangerous and upredictable individual. He is also cruelly intelligent and gifted, able to pit his wit in every day situations and use his learned skills to benefit him the most. While not devoid of human emotion, from the instances that have occured in his life, his personality constantly shows a snide, bitter and sexually driven man. However the select few that know him, know that he is emotionally capable of much more and that is Andersson's problem.

His sense of humor is extremely dark and constantly uses similarities on his own jokes. However he is quick off the mark, much like his temper. When it comes to certain things, Alex will fly off the handle pretty quickly, using his physical prowess and intimidating nature to bombard his way through the conflict. This is due to his growing frustration and his inability to vent said frustrations. However his deadly loyal and will defend the people he cares for with extreme prejudice.

History: Andersson had a brilliant childhood, his father was a well respectec police detective while his mother was a typical homemaker that loved taking care of her son. Alex was a lonely child, no brothers or sisters but made friends with his father's colleagues, teaching him a deep sense of morality and decency. As he grew up his was a popular young man with potential, had all options available to him but he eventually decided to enroll at a college that would help him become a detective like his father. Andersson was well loved and liked by the people around him due to his no nonsense attitude and the ability to stand up for what he believed in. People followed Alex's words, he was a natural born leader.

During his college days, Alex met Isabella Kensington, who was to be his first girlfriend. They hit it off immediatly, even unofficialy switching dorms to stay with eachother. They were in alot of the same classes and were seen together alot. The pair actually married, with their parent's consent at an early age, during college. However it was very short lived, as Kensington was offered an internship at the FBI Internal Affairs division and had to move to Washington, Alex remained in San Francisco pursuing his dream. The pair officially divorced after almost a year married despite Alex wanting to try and make the relationship work. Despite being heartbroken, he poured his efforts into his police work. It paid dividends.

During his career at the San Francisco Police Squad, he learned the streets well as an enforcer. Learning the gangs movements, hideouts and major players pretty quickly, he also learnt how to connect with the locals on a deeper level in order to gain information. He eventually was given his chance to be an investigator, being trained by his father's former partner Patrick Warburton. Warburton was the chief of police and was also sparking off a mayoral campaign, he was a well respected man of the force and legend investigator. Andersson learnt alot by working with Warburton but soon surpassed his master's skills, and took off on his own. After solving a previously unsolvable case, Andersson was promoted to Chief of Investigations at the SFPD after a glittering career. During this time, he solved more amazing crimes and took part in plenty of accolades in the media for his efforts on bringing crime down.

It was at this time that Alex met Melanie Stankovic, of Serbian homeground but very much American. They met in a supermarket when Andersson was struggling to decide what fabric softener to purchase, he found it hard to live on his own. Melanie was never a woman that Alex though he'd fall for, long blonde hair and very sociable, while his ex wife was much more like a rock girl. However they started dating and hit it off very quickly, eventually after a few years purchasing a house after finding that Melanie was pregnant with their child. Alex proposed quickly as the whirlwind took full effect, quickly he had his family in place and everything was going the way he wanted it to. However that all changed, Alex took on a case regarding the death of Mayoral candidate.

As the case found a lead and Alex was investigating, his family were targeted in a gang hit during one of his days off. Melanie Andersson was shot repeatedly while his son's throat was slit, Alex stormed his home and killed several of the gang members, before accidentally setting off a grenade that killed the remaining Diablos gang members and put himself in a three month coma. After arising back from the coma, Alex proceeded into what would be called the San Francisco incident.

Andersson killed off remaining members of the Diablos Gang and tore through the gang lands of San Francisco to find the real cause of why his family was murdered. After killing off the Los Illuminados gang aswell, Alex then murdered Robert Downer from Downer Industries, a well respected army arms dealer. This led to a missile being flown at the Downer building, causing more havoc and chaos in the city. However despite all of this, Alex escaped and found his way to the real reason his family were killed. Patrick Warburton, his former partner and friend, had paid the local gang members to kill Andersson and his family before he found out about Warburton's black market deals. It seemed as if Warburton was killing his way to the top, Alex stormed the SFPD police precinct along with his ex wife Isabella Kensington. After a gruelling battle, Kensington shot Warburton, who then fell off the building.

Andersson quickly escaped San Francisco, as the place laid almost in ruin and riddling with crime. It was internationally known as the San Francisco incident and Alex was labelled an enemy of the United States. After that, he went off the radar for a little while working for the highest bidder in Black Operations. He was then contacted by the United States Government once again, who asked him to become a member of their Black Book. A set of mercenaries paid heavily to do things the US government didn't want their watermark in. Andersson welcomed the idea as he came to terms with his families' death, earning alot of funds and building a worldwide underground legend.

Due to this reputation, he was then invited by a secret organisation that specialised in the destruction and prevention of unknown enemies. Andersson didn't have much of a choice by that point, an enemy of several countries for his actions for the Black Book, he joined with no where else to go. He was flown to Wales and told that this was his last choice, there was no turning back from the ultra secret military unit. This unit was called the Unknown Response Combat Squad, or simply URCS.

In the URCS, Alex was voted as the Second in Command, despite his extreme alcoholism and uncaring nature. During their first mission, he found out that supernatural beings do walk the earth as he was briefed, werewolves riddled the forests around the team. However it wasn't a werewolf that almost killed him that night, it was his leader, Vincent Barclays who shot him directly in the chest with a .44 Revolver. While the blow almost finished Andersson, he survived and the URCS disbanded first time.

They did re-unite however for a short peroid once again, during this time he had a sexual relationship with Anna Roberts, the chief medical officer on base. While the his part in the Re-union ended quickly, URCS continued on without him. He left because of information that Patrick Warburton was alive and had accelerated his attempts to gain power. He joined up with former URCS commander Craig Hartham, learning that Warburton had survived and had been building a political army called the NWO. Coups happened in major cities around the globe, thus sparking Alex to invade the URCS base himself, to gain military access codes to battle the growing threat of the New World Order.

Alex killed many URCS soldiers and devastated the force, however he failed in his attempt due to Anna Roberts revealling she was pregnant with his child. This changed everything, through a set of circumstances, Alex gave himself up as a prisoner of the URCS in order to be there for his child. Roberts gave birth to Grace Roberts-Andersson after trying to cure Alex of a disease that was accelerating his ageing. Since then, Alex poured all of his efforts into the eventual battle with the NWO.

Skills: Fantastic pistol marksman, stealth and procurement specialist. A detective legend and CQC fighter.

Desired Position/Department: Head of Interrogation, as before.
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Alex Andersson (Updated from Series 3)
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